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Theater of Desire

In the Vault Release: 07/20/2018

The theater of vengeance changes everything...and everyone.

Catherine’s world has turned into a nightmare. The immortal who rules over Desire taught her—brutally—that she cannot withstand the might of an immortal’s magic. On top of that, immortals are starting to injure the innocent, hoping to force Cat to surrender.

But Dominic has a plan to overthrow Desire, and the Harlequin is protecting her whenever she’s threatened. In order for Dominic’s plan to succeed, the Harlequin must be at his full strength. Unfortunately, Cat destroyed much of his magic, and he’s weakening himself further as he teaches her how to wield Time.

Catherine must restore the Harlequin’s magic if there’s any chance of defeating Desire. She also must confront the knowledge of the Harlequin’s growing love for her…and her increasing emotional connection to him. But when Desire finds a way to shatter Cat’s world, knowing who to trust—or love—is no longer easy.

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"Beautifully crafted and refreshingly original! Celina Summers is a bold new voice in speculative fiction!" NYT/USA Today #1 bestselling author Helen Hardt

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