Theater is supposed to be an imitation of life. But what if it's really the other way around?


The Harlequinade takes everything you think you know about theater and turns it inside out. Actors in real life learn how to manipulate the emotions of the audience--most famously using the Stanislavski method. But in the world of the Harlequin, the greatest actors are secret empaths...powerful mages who psychically bombard the audience into sharing their emotions. Reality fades, and the world of the play becomes reality for two hours. This is a secret that only a few actors know about: the members of Phillip Lewis's Royale Theater Troupe. When Catherine Brighton learns how to deliberately use empathy after being cast in the company's new play, she knows what she's found. This is the Holy Grail of theater and it will take her to Broadway. She calls it the "theater of seduction" which is exactly what the troupe and the actors do every performance they give.

However, outside the comfortable and familiar world of American theater that Cat loves lie other realms where immortals play a particularly vicious game with the mortals they oversee. Cat quickly discovers that the play's not the thing, that empaths don't just project emotions but can be punished by them, that death is just another role, time is just an imaginary barrier, and that when love and arcane power are combined, tragedy is sure to follow. But she loves the theater, she's fallen in love with her leading man Dominic LeClair, and the theater of seduction is something she is dangerously good at. It's just a short step from the fantasy of the play to the nightmare of history, and while time is fluid...terror is not.

And through it all dances an enigma--the Harlequin. Sinister yet seductive, vindictive yet vulnerable, predatory yet protective, the Harlequin is as bound to Cat as Dominic is. Make no mistake: while the show must go on, the script is all his.

Theater of Seduction
Theater of Seduction
Harlequinade, Book 1

In the theater of seduction, vengeance can last for centuries.

Crippling panic attacks drove Catherine Brighton from her theatrical career, but when enigmatic director Phillip Lewis casts her in his troupe, she knows it’s her ticket to Broadway. Catherine quickly discovers that the company isn’t what it seems. Phillip has a strange hold over the cast, and the lines between reality and the play blur into a dangerous emotional minefield…one that’s cost previous leading ladies their lives.

The danger is compounded when Catherine falls in love with one of the male leads, Dominic LeClair, who is torn between his love for Cat and the secrets pressing in around them. As the tragedy unfolds on the stage, Catherine discovers that the plot extends well beyond the script, and empathy can be used for much more than wowing an audience. If she can’t find a way to free them all, they'll be trapped in the theater of seduction forever.

Theater of Deception
Theater of Deception
Harlequinade, Book 2

There is no illusion greater than fear.

Six months after Catherine Brighton’s theatrical troupe finishes its Broadway run of the Carnival trilogy, the company mounts a new play: Harlequin. The character fits perfectly into the theater of seduction—a magical power that compels an audience’s emotional responses. However, rehearsals are tense. Her husband, Dominic, distrusts the actor playing the lead role. Cat and Alistair, Dominic’s brother, struggle to keep the peace.

Soon something inimical is dancing around the company, spinning strands of danger that entangle Cat in a shockingly familiar web. She fears that Phillip has somehow returned from the dead—not that Dominic believes her. Whoever her unknown enemy is, he’s masquerading as the title character from Harlequin—a character both sinister and seductive—which terrifies her. But when she unexpectedly finds herself trapped two centuries in the past, Cat learns that there are far worse things to fear.

Like Time.

Theater of Cruelty
Theater of Cruelty
Harlequinade, Book 3

The theater of cruelty shows no mercy.

Violence is swirling around the Royale Theater Troupe as they prepare to open Harlequin on Broadway. After confronting the ultimate treachery when d’Orléans dragged her back in time, Catherine has learned two brutal truths. First, the Duc d’Orléans has figured out a way to cheat death. And second, the Harlequin has an agenda quite different from her old enemy’s…a very personal agenda.

While Dominic and Alistair desperately search for a way to protect the company from these dual threats, Catherine is slowly becoming convinced that’s impossible. As the Harlequin pushes ever harder to force her to submit, her old fears begin to swallow her once more.

But if there’s one thing Cat does well, it’s stubbornness. Her quest for answers takes her to the famed Hellfire Caves, where an unexpected betrayal puts everything she loves on the line. The theater of cruelty takes no prisoners, and Cat must find a way to fight the powerful entities ranged against her. If she can bear the cost.

Theater of War
Theater of War
Harlequinade, Book 4

The only element that can defeat war is Time.

The last thing Catherine Brighton expected when she fought against the Duc d’Orléans was for her family to be thrown back into the turmoil of eighteenth century France. But when Dominic vanishes, she has no choice. She must follow his trail through time if she wants to bring him home. There’s only one problem with that. Alistair, Dominic’s younger brother, is the only person who can travel through time. The longer they remain back, the less they’ll remember of their modern lives.

Then, too, the sinister Harlequin is always watching, always dancing closer to Catherine. She’s not certain what his ultimate goal is, but it’s becoming clear that she’s the key to some plan. In order to have the future she craves with the man she loves, Catherine is going to have to find the answers somewhere in the maelstrom of Time.

Theater of Desire
Theater of Desire
Harlequinade, Book 5

In the theater of desire, old enemies become new allies.

Nothing could be more exciting for Catherine Brighton than having the company’s shows booked on London’s West End. Bringing the Carnival trilogy to England allows her to fulfill an ambition beyond any other. After defeating the Harlequin and destroying most of the window of Time, the strange world of magic has receded from her daily existence. But Catherine has a secret. Since Dominic's last capture by d'Orleans, she's not been able to recover emotionally. Her panic attacks are getting worse, and the knowledge of her husband's infidelity broke her spirit. And now Benjamin Franklin has warned her that the company has come to the notice of other immortals—many of whom want her for themselves. The only thing standing between her and this terrifying new threat is a promise the Harlequin made her: one favor in exchange for the kin debt he owes her. As the magic of the Carnival trilogies winds around them once again, that favor is a lifeline. The Harlequin is no longer trying to take Catherine but seems to be working to protect her instead. Can she overcome her distrust and learn to work with the Warden of Time? Or will another immortal break through his guard?

Theater of Vengeance
Theater of Vengeance
Harlequinade, Book 6

The theater of vengeance changes everything...and everyone.

Catherine’s world has turned into a nightmare. The immortal who rules over Desire taught her—brutally—that she cannot withstand the might of an immortal’s magic. On top of that, immortals are starting to injure the innocent, hoping to force Cat to surrender.

But Dominic has a plan to overthrow Desire, and the Harlequin is protecting her whenever she’s threatened. In order for Dominic’s plan to succeed, the Harlequin must be at his full strength. Unfortunately, Cat destroyed much of his magic, and he’s weakening himself further as he teaches her how to wield Time.

Catherine must restore the Harlequin’s magic if there’s any chance of defeating Desire. She also must confront the knowledge of the Harlequin’s growing love for her…and her increasing emotional connection to him. But when Desire finds a way to shatter Cat’s world, knowing who to trust—or love—is no longer easy.

Theater of Time
Theater of Time
Harlequinade, Book 7

In the dominion of Time, nothing is as it seems.

Catherine’s world has crashed around her, and everything she once thought was forever has turned out to be fleeting instead. After Desire’s nasty little trap, she and Dominic have gone their separate ways. Cat’s way takes her to the Hall of Time. As the destruction of her marriage shatters her, her growing intimacy with the Harlequin is healing her in a totally different way. But being openly acknowledged as the Harlequin’s consort has changed Catherine’s role in the immortals’ game. Before, she was a tempting prize to the other immortals; now she is a serious threat. Her relationship with the Harlequin as both consort and heir gives her too much power for other immortals’ comfort. As Catherine struggles to reconcile the shreds of her personal life, her enemies grow desperate to gain control of her and her growing power. The immortals grow ever closer to war as Catherine grows ever closer to the Harlequin, until at last Catherine’s two worlds collide in a way no one can prevent—not even the Warden of Time.

Theater of Time
Theater of Spontaneity
Harlequinade, Book 8

The theater of spontaneity is a psychodrama of pain.

After the disaster at Alistair and Lucienne’s wedding, Catherine withdraws into herself. She cannot bear the knowledge that her magic, her choices resulted in the destruction of so many people that she loved. But the Harlequin refuses to let her turn away from their shared existence, and Catherine finds herself facing several dilemmas. First, how can she revenge herself on Cruelty and Fear without putting everyone she loves in danger? Second, how can she find her way to making a decision that looks increasingly impossible to make? The Harlequin has anchored his morality upon his love for her, but she finds herself turning back to Dominic, who is now the true immortal ruler of Desire. And third, can she find a way to handle her own growing power? As Catherine discovers more about the forces that are driving her, she must use all her skill to withstand new enemies on the stage.

Theater of Time
Theater of Origins
Harlequinade, Book 9

The theater of origins is not just birth, but survival.

Cat’s pregnancy has just set the entirety of the immortals’ war on an accelerated timeline, one that she’s powerless to stop or protest again.

In order for her babies to be safely born, Cat must suppress every natural instinct she possesses. Unfortunately, the one fight Catherine never wins is the one with herself. So when the Harlequin and Dominic take steps against her warring nature, Cat’s not sure she can ever forgive them...until she discovers that childbirth is not the greatest danger that she faces.

When her enemies succeed at last in taking her from the sanctuary of Time to the horrific prisons of Cruelty, Catherine faces true helplessness for the first time in her life. She must find a way to survive Cruelty’s long-awaited vengeance for the destruction of his sons if she’s going to protect the only immortals who cannot protect themselves. Her children.

Theater of Redemption
Theater of Redemption
Harlequinade, Book 10

The ongoing war between Cruelty and Time has escalated to an unimaginable level, and Catherine is trapped right in the middle of it. Dominic and the Harlequin had no reason to keep the knowledge that she was related to their enemies from her—unless they didn’t trust her—and Cat’s having a hard time reconciling that in her head. But then Cruelty’s loathsome heirs launch the next stage of their battle plan, and Cat discovers other secrets far more devastating than whose bloodline she shares. As she struggles to free herself from terror and anguish unlike anything she’s ever known before, the slow wheels of Justice finally intervene in the immortal’s war with disastrous results.

Can Cat overcome the nightmares that are luring her into the quagmire of fear now strangling her? Or has she finally been dealt one nightmare too many? In order to survive the final act of the Harlequinade, Catherine will have to betray everyone she loves—but only if she can manage to outwit the Harlequin first.

Theater of Power
Theater of Power
A Harlequinade Prequel

You can't learn the ending until you've lived the beginning.

Odette de Chevigny hadn't expected to interrupt a confrontation between her stand-offish neighbor, Charles, Marquis de Montesquieu, and a mysterious character who calls himself the Harlequin when she went to her father's grave one cold autumn night, but for some reason, she's immediately intrigued. After her debut at Versailles a few weeks later, she finally figures out why.


The court of Louis XV is accustomed to both social and political power being brokered in those endless corridors and stunning salons. The Marquis's longtime enemy, the Duc d'Orleans, is secretly wielding magical power in his quest for the French throne. When she is betrothed to the Marquis, Odette is drawn into their battle...but she's also drawn further into the Harlequin's sphere of influence.

Can Charles and Odette find a way to stop the Duc and protect the King? Or will the Duc prevail, thanks to the mysterious Harlequin? And what is the Harlequin's true goal? When the Marquise de Pompadour said, "After us, the deluge." she couldn't have known she'd just uttered a prophecy. In the theater of power, anything is possible...even changing the course of Time itself.

Theater of Oblivion
Theater of Oblivion
Harlequinade Book 11

Sometimes the only path to the future lies in the past.

Catherine is now the Warden of Time in the alternate history the Cruelty created as a trap for the Harlequin. She's spent a year and a half desperately trying to keep this timeline outside the dominion of Time, because she knows that only the Harlequin, with his centuries of experience ruling Time, can keep their children safe. And as long as Wilhelmina, the uncrowned ruler of Cruelty, and her brothers are trapped there with her, the war between Time and Cruelty is stopped in the present. But if the Harlequin somehow finds his way back, Catherine will have to face the consequences of betraying his trust--and that's something too horrible to think about.

Just as she sets her plan to kill Cruelty's get in motion, the Harlequin breaks back into the timeline. Catherine knows she's now facing a disaster. The Harlequin has never tolerated betrayal on any level. But even worse, now he's right back in the trap that Catherine tried so desperately to keep him out of.

Now it seems like all the sacrifices Catherine's made have been a waste, and she's sacrificed a year and a half with her beloved family only to fail at the last possible moment. But the Harlequin's reappearance in her life teaches her a harsh lesson about the immortals who rule every aspect of life. If there's one thing more implacable than Time, it's fate...and the oblivion that comes when one meets their destiny at last.