Freelance Editing

Celina Summers has been a professional editor for well over a decade. She has edited everything from legal briefs to epic novels and everything in between. She has served as an acquisitions editor and a content editor, was the founder and editor of a speculative fiction magazine, and has worked as the managing editor at two publishing houses. She has worked with debut authors, RITA and RWA award winning writers, and NYT/USA Today bestsellers. Her primary focus is upon content and developmental editing. Extremely familiar with CMoS, AP, and MLA and edits frequently in all three styles. Also experienced in UK style,spelling, and grammar.

Book Editing rates

Client evaluation free: Will evaluate the first chapter of your manuscript to determine what type of editing the MS requires and to establish an editorial plan. Not all clients evaluated will be ready for editing--this evaluation will determine that. Not all MSS submitted for evaluation will be accepted as clients, but the evaluation will be fair and honest.

Manuscript Critique a full, fair editorial critique of character, plot, structure, and readability. Will identify authorial habits and recommend steps to correct significant problems. Critique will be written and extremely detailed. Prices depend upon length. Novella up to 50,000 words $50. Novels 50,000 to 65,000 words $75. Novels 75,000 to 90,000 words $100. Each additional 10,000 words after 90,000 $15.

Editing flat rate based upon length and condition of MS. Email for more information. All clients will pay within or under Editorial Freelancers Rates, which you can find at

Author mentoring Perfect for the indie author. This option creates a developmental relationship between the author and an editor, which affords a writer the necessary guidance to build stronger writing habits. Includes regular email communication and counseling. Cost will depend upon the writer's needs.

Flat monthly fee email for rates.

Other Editing Rates:

Proofing edit for articles/blogs/op eds/columns $2 per page

Proofing edit for articles/blogs/op eds/columns 2000-5000 words $2.50 per page

Rush edit can turn over any article/blog/op eds/columns under 10,000 words in 2 hours with notice $3.00 per page. Can also turn over a 100k MS and under in 48 hours. Think that's impossible to do and still offer tough developmental editing? Not here. Fair warning, though. It's pricey. Email for rates with length of MS and specific needs.

Website copyediting flat rate $15.00 per hour (does not include coding)

Ghostwriting - please contact via contact page

Copyediting mentor flat rate $15.00 per hour (does not include coding).


Contact Celina using the contact page.

Gini Koch, author of DAW Books' Kitty Katt Alien Series, Goodreads Choice Best Science Fiction Nominee

"Celina Summers is an excellent editor. Fast, accurate, with good suggestions and an understanding of the industry, including what turns agents and editors on and off. Highly recommended."

Helen Hardt, NYT/USA Today bestselling author of The Steel Brothers Saga

"I've been in this business for ten years, and I've worked with my share of editors. Celina Summers is simply the best. She'll dig into your manuscript and identify any problems with plot, conflict, characterization, and point of view, as well as clean up style, grammar, and word choice. I've been privileged to work with her on many of my manuscripts, and she has played an integral part in my growth as an author. Hire Celina. You won't be disappointed."

Cindi Myers, award-winning Harlequin author

Celina Summers is an excellent, insightful editor. I have worked with at least a dozen professional editors in my career and Celina was one of those whom I felt definitely improved my writing. Plus, she was a pleasure to work with."

Award-winning Paranormal and Romance author Lizzie Leaf

"Celina Summers edited most of my books with two different publishers. Opening her edits was always a learning experience. She is tough, but fair, and didn’t attempt to change my author voice or style."