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Theater of Spontaneity

In the Vault Release: 09/20/2018

The theater of spontaneity is a psychodrama of pain.

After the disaster at Alistair and Lucienne’s wedding, Catherine withdraws into herself. She cannot bear the knowledge that her magic, her choices resulted in the destruction of so many people that she loved. But the Harlequin refuses to let her turn away from their shared existence, and Catherine finds herself facing several dilemmas. First, how can she revenge herself on Cruelty and Fear without putting everyone she loves in danger? Second, how can she find her way to making a decision that looks increasingly impossible to make? The Harlequin has anchored his morality upon his love for her, but she finds herself turning back to Dominic, who is now the true immortal ruler of Desire. And third, can she find a way to handle her own growing power? As Catherine discovers more about the forces that are driving her, she must use all her skill to withstand new enemies on the stage.

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"Beautifully crafted and refreshingly original! Celina Summers is a bold new voice in speculative fiction!" NYT/USA Today #1 bestselling author Helen Hardt

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